The wonderkids are here!!

Primadonna og Kite har d. 5. januar 2014 fået 5 børn!

2 piger og 3 drenge! Men dette kuld er på alle måder helt specielt! Fødslen var rigtig hård følelses mæssigt for alle, og selvfølgelig mest for Prima, som i kan læse om længere nede. Men også fordi Prima fødte en lille blå dreng med split næse.... Ingen dyrlæger vidste helt hvad det ville betyde for ham, og om han kunne overleve... Men det var helt sikkert at han ville få det svært i starten, både fordi han var mindre end de andre, og havde svært ved at sutte sig fast og få mad.. Så de første 2 uger, har vi måtte give ham mad hver 2 time, OGSÅ om natten, og 3. uge hver 3-3½ time, og den 4 uge, kun 2-3 gange i døgnet, og fra 4 ugers alderen viste det sig ikke at være nødvendigt mere, han fik nu nok næring fra Prima og fra rigtig kost til at han ikke behøvede tilskud... Vi har været til mange dyrlæge tjek hele vejen igennem, for at holde øje med hvordan han udviklede sig, og heldigvis var der rosende ord til Prima og alle hvalpene hver gang!
2. dagen efter fødslen kom vi i kontakt med en tysk opdrætter som havde avlet en border collie med samme problematik, og de har hjulpet og rådgivet os utrolig meget hele vejen igennem, hvilken har været en stor hjælp!

Hun fødte først en lille blue merle pige: Gjerulff Eager To Be Amazing 150 gram (Mazy)
Så kom der en lille blå dreng, Split: Gjerulff Eager To Split Charme 150 gram (Split)
Derefter kom der en lille sort dreng, hvor der gik længe før vi opdagede at han var tric: Gjerulff Eager To Be A Fighter 150 gram (Fighter)
Nr 4 var en meget stor tric dreng, med en fin lille hvid blis: Gjerulff Eager To Be Mighty Shade 235 gram (Mighty)
Og som en lille bonus kom der en nummer 5, en stor bi blue merle tæve, som ligner både mor Prima, men også morbror Luka: Gjerulff Eager To Bi A Moviestar 200 gram (Movie)

Her kan i se billeder fra uge 1
Her kan i se billeder fra 1-2 uge
Her kan i se billeder fra 2-3 uge
Her kan i se billeder fra 3-4 uge
Her kan i se billeder fra 4-5 uge
Her kan i se billeder fra 5-6 uge
Her kan i se billeder fra 6-7 uge
Her kan i se billeder næsten 7 uger - besøger min svigerfar
Her kan i se billeder taget af Ellen Agger, 7 uger gamle
Her kan i se billeder 7 uger gamle - på agility banen
Her kan i se billeder 7 uger gamle - i haven
Her kan i se billeder 7½ uge gamle - på Nysted stranden
Her kan i se billeder af de 4 resterende 8 uger gamle - på Marielyst strand

Her kan i læse lidt om den hårde fødsel, som vi skrev dagen efter fødslen, hvor vi havde været til første tjek ved dyrlægen:

Primadonnas litter is delivered!!!
04.01 2014, late the temperature dropped, and stayed down until morning 05.01 2014.
She started to get restless about 15.00, but after 1 hour the green water come....together with my panic...... I called the vet and we drove!!
We thought that she had delivered the first puppy in the car, but it kept on slipping back. We took her inside and the vet was afraid that the puppy was to big, and it had the butt first so it was ekstra difficult with the first one.. But she got a contraction stimulation injection.
She was scanned to see how the puppies was doing, and there heart rate was low, so they should out, and we decided on c-sektion, Prima got the first injection, and the vet went to get the table ready, when the best thing happend, Primadonna gave birth to the first puppy herself, and it was a beautifull blue merle babygirl! FINALLY!!!
Then number 2 came short after, a little beautifull blue merle boy....But I saw immediately that there was something with his nose. And my thoughts was quickly "ohhh noo, cleft palate"  But the vet checked him out, but it seemes to only be the nose...?? A split nose??? She asked 2 other vets on the klinik, no one had seen that before.. We all decided to see if he could eat by himself... But I was so worried, for him, and for the rest.....
There went some time, and then Number 3 came, she should put some effort in, but it came, a very dark boy, and it was first when he dried up, we could see if he was bi black or tric, but the cutest little brown color came quickly under his tail  
Then there went more time, and we only waited for the last one (according to the scans).... Time went and it was like the first one.. We thought it came, but it slipped back in... The some come out, but back again.... Then there should be some thinking, because the color got yellow, and it should out soon! We again thought about c-sektion! And Prima was exhausted, 3 puppies on only 1 hour.... We waited some more, and then the head came out, and then we thought, YES, now it comes.... But, then it was stuck 
 The vet was clear, this puppy should out know, before it would suffocate, and sweet Prima listened, and pushed all she could, and it came out. A BIG BIG puppy!! Almost twice as big as the others.... Poor Primadonna! But the earlier scans has from the beginning shown 1 egg in one site, and when the puppies grown, we also saw the 3 in one site and 1 in the other, so this chubby baby has lived well with lots of food!! Prima was tired, but my vet who scaned the has said, that we should check for a possible puppy, so she was scanned, and yes, one more puppy.. But the heart rate was also a bit low, so we have to hope and wait the the last one.. The vet was very busy, with other patients too, so she would take care off them , until we was sure the puppy was moved back and ready to be delivered. Time went, and the vet checked regulary to us, but Prima was very tired...At last she came and said, now it is about time, and she was ready to give her 1 contraction stimulation injection more. She got her standing, but then the pushing started again, and we waited with the injection.. I have a big wish to see a normal healthy puppy, so I crossed my fingers, and my biggest wish was to have another babygirl.... The puppy came natural, but I didn't dare to look, just waited to hear the vet say something, and lucky us, Prima has delivered another beautiful healthy puppy, and a little bi blue babygirl! Prima was a star through it all, all the vets was so impressed by her calmness and mothergen!
To be sure she was scanned again, but no more puppies! 5 puppies in 2 hours! Everything with this dog just has to go fast..... 
We was very happy to have living puppies, and that Prima did it herself, so we didn't had to make a c-section again. But we were still a bit sad about boy number 2, would he make it???? What should we do, how was he, could he breath, eat??? He was small, but energetic! The vet checked him again, and he seemed fine, but we got some milkreplacer and a bottle back home, so we could help him, because he wanted to eat, but the other bigger puppies pushed him away...
To day we went to our own vet who was so happy to see the beautifull puppies in real life  She have followed them the last 4 weeks in her stomach, so she was exited! She was agreeing with the other vets, that our little "Split" (boy number 2), seemed to be just fine, and he just needed to get some help in the beginning like all other smaller puppies.. All the vets says that when he is the only one, and there is non else in the lines it is NOT genetic, and she said that "it was unbelievable there wasn't more with some faults, when she knows how little there should go wrong with the cells in the stomach when there are "been made"... But if they are weak, they would be absorbed. So he has to be stronger.." So we ask all to say prayers for our little special boy, who already has a BIG BIG spot in our hearts!! Yes he looks a bit different, but "you don't have to be beautiful on the outside, if you just are in the inside"! We love him already, and tries to help him as much we can, time and nature will tell if he will survive... We have found a border collie in Germany ( with the same, and she runs agility in class 3, and are the largest girl in the litter now, and very healthy. We have wrote with the breeders, and it sounds just like our Split! There hasn't been any problems with the girl growing up, she got help with food in the beginning, and then all other was normal, we hope that is the same will be with out Split!
Many concerns has been to this little boy, and now it is about time to enjoy the whole litter, and there perfect mom!! And therefor we are also now ready to tell about it.

Prima gave birth to 2 girls (blue merle and bi blue merle) and 3 boys (blue merle-Split, and 2 tric) on the january 2014
I can say that the vet thinks she maybe could have delivered them home herself, because the green water means the puppies a loosen from the ovary, but still thinks we made the best choice coming in, so we could follow there heart rythms and give her the medicin she needed when needed!!!