Sunshine Forever von der Happy-Horse Farm aka. EVER


Bombadil Babou du Mourioche aka. Babou

Puppies are born 16. march 2016 !!
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We do not want to go down on our high criteria, that we have for our shelties and border collies, where the level of cooperation, power and a good building, but also family dog with good temperament and good health are paramount, even though the py breeding is new for us!

We we search therefor for a male who had himselves a good reputation, his breeder had a good reputation, his parents had a good reputation, and his full and half siblings had a good reputation, and for the right male, we would drive a long way to get the mating .! And we found him; Babou!

Read more about Babou here, and our thoughts behind and how we found him.

When Ever and Babou met this summer, it was not "love at first sight", both dogs was more preoccupied looking at their owners and asking for "work";) But this changed when Ever returned for a love-holiday in January! ;) Ever and Babou clicked immediately, and all three matings went so easy, and there was clearly love in the air ! :) It's great when you have a feeling that the dogs also click and the right match is found, we have still much to say about their choice of lover, so when they themselves approve the plan, so it is always an added bonus!

13.-14.-15. january Babou and Ever had natural matings, and birth is thereby expected in week 11. Evers pregnancy has been confirmed by a scan, and could be seen at least 4-5 puppies! Fortunately, as she has already put weight on ! ;) We're a little curious to the number of puppies, this breed is not usually known for making large litters, but her own mother has destroyed the statistics a bit, with a few large litters. As this will be Evers first litter, we think, however, a size of 4-5 will be absolutely perfect!

Write if this combination might be interested!



ED: 0
OCD: not detected
Full dentition
Height (1 year): 38 cm (all Evers full siblings is "medium" dogs ALSO the males)
Weight (1 year): 9 kg


HD: A:
(All puppies are HD FREE, and healthy!)
Height: 42.8 cm
Missing one tooth, but all his puppies have full dentition
Has 4 litters with an average of 3.5 per litter

Babous owner describes him as:
Babou is a Prince Charming, and a very friendly, however. He loves everybody and he think the World and all peoples are only for him!
Babou loves to work and he learns a lot of tricks and is very clever!

Expectations for the combination:

As we often try with our other breeds, we try to combine the "owner focused" with the "independent", the "quiet" and the "crazy", but at the same time not compromising temperament, building, health and drive!

Ever have become very aware of her owner and handler, both in private but also in training. When she was a puppy she was very adventurous, and almost to independent / self-confident and would explore everything, also on her own :) There was therefor worked a lot on this, and now she has been almost to attached to her handler! This means that the autonomy which can be an advantage in the agility, to pull extra speed out of some sequences, may depend on the handler's speed and acceleration .. It also means that Ever in very very early state was very technically skilled and able to work on even the most complicated tracks because she really wants to follow handler! She has from the start been very eager to learn and could learn tricks so fast and offers a lot to please! Another advantage is that she can work undisturbed by others, despite training courses are very close, i don't interest her when she works with her handler!

Babou is the more independent type / runs lines and uses his power more forward than back towards his handler. He has a wild power, and there must be full focus to follow him ;) This does not mean that he is disobeying, he has the right amount of "pleasing" behavior, which means that he can be controlled despite the high speed and work drive!

Both dogs are working with the head, and we also expect this of their puppies! Puppies will be wise, quick to learn, pleasing to their owner, but also with the right amount of "py-fuss" as this can not and should not be avoided in this breed :) It will be fun puppies, puppies there are never really adults, puppies that will keep a families smile screwed on! They will get a lot of charm, so it will be difficult to set limits, but these will be needed ;)

Ever has a very easy and light jumping technique, and is a natural good turner, which also makes her happily skipping the "baby doors "at home, if there are new guests in the house as she wants to say hello to ;) This may be not so practical when it happens over the camp fence and into the neighbor to greet. ;) Ever is very friendly and sweet by nature, and she submits to other dogs when she is on tour alone :) She can although also defend her "own" if she is sitting on the lap of her owner. Ever have much personality as the breed also is known for :) she can give the biggest smile on your face, and she can also provide you gray hair ;) Fortunately it's mostly the first! She has a special status in the home, and is allowed many things.... Despite we normally not have dogs in the sofa, there is now a blanket for Ever, "she jumps anyway up, "and then she'll let be ;) also, she almost has a firm place at the dining table, whether it is on their own chair or on your lap isn't important to Ever! :)

We expect to make some strong-willed dogs, that will fit into both family life and in sports. Because our passion is agility we have placed great value in jumping technique and building when we picked out the male! But this does not mean these puppies only can participate in agility, on the contrary, these puppies due to a good body structure, easy jumping ability and high level of cooperation, they should be suitable for all kinds of dog sports!

Babou has the same wise head as Ever, and also knows where he can "cheat his owners," or thought he can :) He also has a firm place at the dining table, and is just as friendly and accommodating as Ever, so he also say yes to a place on your lap, rather on the floor :) also, most door handles facing up, so he does not go around the entire house as it suits him ;) His clever head are also used for learning a lot of tricks! And he is amazing, he can do so many tricks, and it's a pleasure seeing him work and think :) He is just as happy for the tricks training, as other training!

Many say it is a pleasure with a clever dog! You just must remember, that it is not only "the right things" they learn quickly ;) bad habits and "wrong" behaivors can also sit tight! So therefore it is recommended that you will know well, what it will mean to get a pyr-sheep into the house, and how you will handle the training :) We are of course available as much as we can, we only wants the best for our puppies and their new families!

Training wise;

We hope for great willingness to work, both for toys and treats! We hope for a combination of both parents, so puppies with great power but also great attention to the owner and given signals, and great willingness to follow the action! We expect these puppies to be great in all dog sports, not necessarily competitions, but some kind of training is necessarily. We don't reccomend this combination for only family/sofa dogs...
About agility: we hope to make dogs in medium(small) hights. Babou is medium himselves, and has made medium sons, and all females in medium, and all Evers 25 full siblings (from 3 litters), is also medium, so we hope that these "small" genes will carry on!

One thing is for sure: we would never make a combination of our kennel, which wasn't good enough for ourselves! So this is clearly a desirable combination from our side, and we also hope it to fall into someone else's taste also :)