Ever and Babous puppies have arrived: D
March 16, 2016

See videoes of family to the litter here

The temperature dropped d. March 15 in the evening, and the birth started in the morning March 16.th. Everything went by the book, got in labor at 13:06, the water broke, and the first puppy was born 13.34!

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Although we had an expectation that Ever would be a good mother, it is always interesting to see how the female will do in there first birth. HAPPILY Ever as big a star atthis! It was limited in what we should help with, Ever did everything herself, so calm, and natural, and we really just had to be aware she did not bite umbilical cord too close. 

Ever is a great mother! She is sweet and caring towards her puppies! She really looks like someone who enjoys that she finally got her own, and we have no doubt that she will look after and care, AND educate them like a mother should :) It's perfect idyll in the small puppy box !!

See video of Ever and puppies here

Ever gave birth very easily, fast and smooth all 5 and healthy puppies! This is usually all you want in a litter, but we did have a little hope for a better distribution of the gender ;) Ever provided 4 males and only 1 female. BUT the boys are pretty small in size compared to other litters, and actually the female isn't the smallest, so we hope that they will keep growing loike this, and suspect all stay in midium size, like Evers siblings. Evers smallest sibling is also a male! 

Kl. 13:34 came the first puppy. "Luzon" A black boy with a little white on the chest, at 290 grams. He is the largest of the litter, but medium size compared to other py-puppies.

Kl. 13:52 came the second puppy. "Pescador Até" litter only little girl, at 240 grams, which is a normal size for a female.

Kl. 13.59 came the third puppy. "Apo Santo Nino" Once a black boy, a little boy of 245 grams.

Kl. 14:35 came the fourth puppy. "Cebu Kuya" Once a black boy, smaller than the female, at just 240 grams.

KL. 15:16 came the fifth and last puppy to the world. "Olango" Another black and little boy of 240 grams.

We are familiar with most want females as the males have a reputation for being on the line from medium to large (agility), this is rarely the case anymore. But this is why we have tried to combine two lines which are known for their small genes, so if we were to get many males, the chances were still pretty good, that they remained in the medium class, without having to go and fear measurement.

Evers fullsister Onni, (same mother and father, just a year older) received last year a litter with the same gender and we have therefore compared the puppies sizes.

Onni born puppies from 210 grams to 333 grams (the smallest of course the girl). All Onnis puppies are medium size dogs, the girl is even border between small to medium and all are perfect for agility! Our biggest puppy is 290 gram, so we hope that they grow in the same way as sister puppies, and therefore all will remain in the medium class and people will not choose these delicious puppies off due to the size! BUT even though some males sometimes go in large, it is seen in several countries that they has no problem beating the border collies as they are built more easy and light :)

The Philippines is a special place for our family, because Helle and Finn's oldest son lives down there, and they have fallen in love with these islands. Therefore, they this litter has names for their favorite islands, and size distribution :) Luzon is the largest island and the largest puppy has this name, and then the islands is then divided by size to the puppies. :) Até is the girl, as this is Filipino for "Miss", and Nino and Kuya which means boy. 

You can read more about our expectations for these puppies, and even though the parents are primarily agility dogs, it is no requirement that the puppies must be this, but will be suitable for all activity and dogwork!

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