Primadonna x Hunni

I have been a fan of Hunni for a long time, and even tried to make a litter with him some years ago, with cooled down semen.. Sadly no puppies, but this time I really wanted the puppies! I wanted Prima puppies, but I wanted Prima AND Hunni puppies! So I fly to Finland, 2 TIMES! First monday, and then again friday, and happily there were puppies after these quick love trips!

4 beautiful and big puppies! 1 blue merle female like mom, and 3 black and white boys like father! 

15.40  a beautiful black and white boy came, 205 gram, little Sensei :)

15.50   yet again a beautiful black and white boy, 215 gram, little Mentor :)

16.11   now a beautiful blue merle female, big girlie, 250 gram, perfect Choice :)

Then there was a long waiten, but then finally the last boy came !

18.02   A very beautiful almost all black male came, 255 gram, buf chief :)

Both Primadonna and Hunni is very explosive dogs, they have a lot og power, temper, and a lot of confidense, so you have to know how to work with this type of dog, and then it will be extraordinary.. But even thought both parenst has a lot of power on the course, they are very social, sweet, cuddly, friendly dogs in the home and outside the course.. Don't stress over thing there is not relevant, and only have focus on the important stuf! 

These a really extraordinary puppies, all Primas puppies has been fantastic for no doubt, and maybe it's because there is only 4 in this litter, that these seems so fantastic.. They are of cause pretty much like the others, but no one in this litter hesitate about anything, I have never had puppies who were "afraid" in any of my litters, but almost all normal that there is one puppy who needs to see things on his own, and use a little more time to do so, but not in this litter?!
Even though they are all pretty much alike, they are also pretty different!!

How to begin with these amazing pups.? They are really special!
To start with the overall: all puppies are just so cool, brave and confident in new surroundings, to compare with others, it seems like they are 1-1½ weeks longer ahead than normal sheltie puppies?! They are all good with treats/food, all likes toys, and all are soo happy, kissing and cuddly, even though they are pretty wild! They are pretty good to keep focus on the thing we are doing, and not going on to something else quick…
Now we try for a more individual descriptions, who actually is a little bit more or less of the different things J

Puppy A: THE RUNNER! is Chief
My running baby… All walking is done in running ;) A is allways where the fun is, and if A is locked away, A will find a way to get there anyway, OR scream to hell and think that magically get him outside J I think A will have to work a little on selfcontrol when he grows up ;) A has not that much “respect” for the grown ups barking at something, where puppies normally should seek hiding. A just run around in the middle of them all and wants to play, actually not barking at them yet, just running ;) A is the best at recalls, A can be a long way from the rest, but is very good to come when I call, and off cause again, RUNNING back ;) A is very good in movement, and use it’s body very well for a only 5 weeks old puppy. A is 40/60 on human contact vs exploring, A likes adventures, and go on all by it’self, but come very nicely when I call. A is still very sweet and kissing, and actually likes to be hold and cuddle... A really loves toys, and is the best at tugging game, and has a good grab, but loves also to play by it’s own…
Puppy B: THE SWEETHEART! is Sensei
B is soooo lovely and sweet. B can be overly happy when it sees us, and B if is on the ground, and I talk with the others, B scream and jump around my feet to get cuddles and to come up! B is very much a “pack” dog, B likes to be around us or the other puppies, so when the others move to explore things, he is with them! He don’t hesitate with new things, I have tried to have B in new surroundings alone, to see how it reacted, B really wanted to cuddly with me, but when I was just walking around, B did the same… and explored fine on it’s own, so I see B more as a “pack dog”, just rather wants to be around the others than explore on it’øs own, by choice, and not because of hesitation. B is overly happy dog, tail is always high and happy! Actually for 1 weeks ago I thought maybe B was a little to sweet and happy one, and maybe lacking that extra wildness like it’s mom. BUT NO, the last few days it has really started to growl and attacking the others, like B finally got enough with the others bullying. ;) He is just as wild when they are wild now, but more sweet sweet when I take B up, and loves kissing, and wants to be on our laps all the time <3 It is very nice to see how B has developed, and B and D is on one hand very much alike, and then so different! B is more 70/30 on humans, vs exploring. Here you really get a lot of attention towards handler by nature, and don’t have to fight for it.! But maybe has to be aware to train independency.
Puppy C: THE FOOD MONSTER! is Choice
From day 1 C has been loving food! C is very talented in searching food on the snufflemat but also in the grass, very good tp ude it’s nose! C is very attentive to the “job” it is doing, and don’t get distracted by siblings grabbing the fur and want’s to play. C is maybe sometimes a little like the mother, and likes to have it’s own opinion of things, is very determent, both on the “job” but also if C decided C just wants to sit, then you can call as much you will, C will sit ;) But are C playing with you, C sees only you. C is very dedicated to the “job”, and siblings can grab and tug the fur as much they will, C sees you! C is a watcher, C can sit and watch the others for a long time, and then suddently C runs to attack the others, like C is making the perfect plan how to attack at the right moment :D actually from start C has loved tugging, and when C get a good grab, C holds on, and don’t care if it is a siblings fur, toy, my pants, my hand or else.. BUT when treats come, C is letting go and just wants to get the treats! I think C will be very easy to work with, if C continuous likes this, C really seems to be very good to keep focus, and the love for food, wins over all! C still likes food a little more than toy, but C will take toy after getting food, but it can be better, so I keep working on that J C can be soo crazy, a little stubborn, soo cuddly and loving, and soo focused, C is all in one ;) You get it all, C is truly a sweetheart!!

Puppy D: THE CRAZY ONE! is Mentor
D is the wildest of the litter, the one who is attacking the others, even though they are a sleep. If D wants to play, D play with what is in front. ;) BUT if I take D up and say it was to much, D will kiss me all over my face, and say sorry sorry it wasn’t me, I put D down, and then he jumps back on…. He is maybe a little dominant, he don’t like when the others tell him of, even though they actually was right, and wants to be on top while playing… and gets maybe a little to overexited when playing…. He play a little rough, but have a lot of power in all he does, when he does something he does it with full speed, and full focus, and put 110% in everything, he has that something extra, but that something extra has be controlled the right way ;) He is a lot like his mother, have a lot to give, but only gives it to those he really respect… He loves me, he loves to gives kisses, and is the sweetest boy when we play, and respect when I say no to tug my pants, but he don’t respect that much when siblings says no to play…. He have a lot of confidence and power, but I think he needs a home where he will have the right amount of consequence in life and training ;) He is really intens in all he does, so you for sure get the eager to work by nature, maybe you need to earn D’s “respect” to get it  to follow (like his mom) ;) But when you have that special bond between you to, it really is special!