Kwik Tye from Doggone Borders     aka Tye
Gjerulff Awesome NUmber One     aka Number

The puppies is breeded in kennel      Doggone Borders     in Belgium!
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This litter was very exiting for us! Tye is half sister to Easy. Tye's mother is also the mother to Easy, Easy is the father of our "Quick and Easy litter". Easy is also the father to our fantastic Fancy, who is also breeded by Ann at Doggone Borders kennel. Tye's father is from Nice of you to come bye, Ice, who's grandmother was Spontaneous Spottie, who is legend in many sports line! So we knew, this could be a very interesting litter! Tye is a very friendly and social bc, and is in mental a lot like Number, so we really expect mentally stabil, sweet and cooperative puppies put of this litter, with good working power!

It is alwas very interesting to follow Numbers puppies, and we really can't wait to follow these now! Sadly Tye coulnd't come to Denmark at the mating time, so we had to send cooled semen, and unfortunately only 2 puppies, but 2 truly gorgeous and very beautiful once!

Puppies was born 11. july 2017

2 beautiful puppies, 1 female and 1 male! 
Blue merle tricolor: Quite fabulous Oréo from Doggone Borders "Oreo"
Brown tricolor mottled: Quite fabulous Nanny McPhee from Doggone Borders "Phee"