Cider x Kite

We decided that we would make a final litter on Cider, IF she came in heat before 2019, because we didn't want her to much over 8 years for her last litter.
Cider have 2 previous litter, 1. one with 3 puppies and 2. one with 2 puppies, and we really like them all! Not that many, I took the talk with Ciders breeder, and she said "go for it", I am really happy for the supprt, so then we did :)

For her last litter we decided that no one else than her greatest and first love, KITE!

- all puppies are spooken for

Cider                                          Kite

Almost everyone know that I haven't been the luckiest, when it depends on breeding.... BUT finally we have some luck!

I would expected her to come in heat close to 2019, because she always have had 9-14 month between her heats! This time Cider of cause didn't do at all like normal (which actually is pretty normal), this time she came already after 5 months from the last puppies! And then I really was in doubt if I should do it!

Then we did a lot of tests, because she last time was ready on day 5, and I now have had 3 females IN A ROW ready before day 7, but now she wasn't, of cause not, because WC came closer and closer, and of cause the tests said she should be ready same time as WC... so we actually planned Nicole to come and live with us at WC... BUT 2 days before driving to Sweden the last blood test said no development in progesterone... well we have also tried first mating with Cider, to have very slow progress, and mating on day 17, so we were not that worried yet... but we still cancelled the planes with Nicole... no chance of mating, according to the vet... That was actually fine, because we had a very small cabin to live in, in Sweden! well we put Primadonna and Bailey at our family for visit, so we didn't needed full house in Sweden...

We decided to make a test on our way to Sweden anyway, to see what was happening.... but not good, the number was a little bit lower, so no ovulation, and she had stopped her heat...  Soo many thoughts on what now, how much did we want these puppies, when was next heat? Or should we try the inplant again???

Kite and Cider was the cutest puppies

Well we then decided to think on wc, and take the mating planes after... BUT of cause Cider didn't agree, she got more and more swollen, still very into Number, and Number still into her... at the end we didn't dare them to be close to each other? so what now? why? I talked with my vet, and we agreed on a appointment Monday when we come home, to see... but then Sunday, Cider was obsessed by Number! And I was soo afraid she was actually right mating days now, and what to do, we were at wc, surrounded by fantastic dogs, just not the one we wanted! At Ciders last litter, she off cause should be allowed to have her first and true love, Kite! She have loved him from the first time she saw him, heat or no heat, and can spot him out of a huge crowd!

So I wrote just after my WC title to Nicole, more worrying about this mating, then enjoying my new amazing title! WHAT? well yes, maybe because I didn't really understood what just happened, and then needed to fix the problem ahead...

Nicole is as always amazing, she dropped everything, had the sweetest friend coming with her, driving at night, to be in Denmark early Monday morning!! After that was planned, I started to really enjoy my new title, and happy that everything worked out anyway! And a little worried asking Nicole to come to Denmark with no real proof of heat was back on...

Cider and Kite quickly did the mating Monday morning, hurray! I was so relieved! Later we had the vet check with Cider, I kept that appointment, to measure her, to be sure this was true, she did come back in heat? And yes, she was back in heat, but still before ovulating... crab! Nicole needed to go home again Monday evening :(

Mating 8/10 and 10/10

Well we made a new mating in the evening, but this time it was not soo easy. Kite was acting more like the test results, that it was too early! Progesterone on 4.... But he is a good studdog, and know what to do, so there was another mating! 

Then we thought a lot about then what, just trust these matings, or try to get more later?! Nicole went home to Germany, and 1,5 day after she would go through Jylland very early to go to Norway... again impossible for mating.... UNLESS you have the most awesome friends, who wake up in the middle of the night, to drive to Jylland, get a mating at 5 o'clock in the morning, and go home again... Incredible! Later that day we went to the scan, for Cutes appointment, and I took Cider with me, to scan eggs... and it still look like it was just at ovulation day, or maybe still a day to soon... Well now Kite was in Norway, and we did what we could for now!


Cider is pregnant, and now we just hope rest of pregnancy, birth and all goes smoothly, and looking forward to enjoy Ciders last litter with the love of her life!

Video of the lovebirds

Cider was pregnant with 5 puppeis, sadly 2 didn't make it... (Vet mistake, to long time with c-seaction :( )

9. december 2018 we had a terrible night, and sadly a really bad experince at the vets.
You can read a bit more about it here !

BUT we got 3 perfect puppeis!! 2 bi black girls, and 1 bi black boy!

I am so happy to keep 1 girl my self, and 2 other puppies goes to very good friends of mine, so I can follow the puppies really close, and will see them a lot!

Gjerulff loves Miss Sunshine, bi black female
Call name: Shine
I kept her myself, and she is soo joyfull and crazy! She is always happy, and likes everyone, and I have never seen her mad at anyone! I can't wait to get started on our future together!

She is as 1 year old: 34,5 cm and 6 kg

Gjerulff a wish of true love, bi black female
Call name: Wish
Wish lives with Jannie Nielsen, she also owns Ciders fullsister Pisa. Jannie will do agility with Wish, and hopefully he will make her dreams come true, and go in Pisas footsteps and continue on the national team in a few years!
She is as 1 year old: 39 cm, and 8 kg

Gjerulff with love from Heaven
Call name: Heaven
Heaven lives with Anette Andersen, who will do agility. Heaven will live with 2 other shelties, and a familie with 2 kids. Heaven loves the kids, and is perfect to adapt to the life in a busy family! She loves to play, and work, and I really can't wait to follow them! Heaven will start on my online foundation seminars, so I can help them and follow their development from the beginning! I can't wait!
She is as 1 year old: 32,7 cm, and 4 kg.